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CNC-saw blade grinding centre
TEMPO freestyle

For fully automatic or manual resharpening and
toothing of HSS-, segmental- and solid tungsten carbide
saw blades
-6 axes CNC-control with fully digital servo drives
-Automatic saw blade loading system
-Saw blades in one stack can differ from bore, diameter, number of teeth and tooth form
-Multi-centering adapter, change of centering rings not necessary
-Optimum clamping through adapted clamping flanges - therefore longer lifetime of the grinding wheel and no damage of the saw blade coating
-Optimum cleaning of the coolant by an external paper band-, centrifuge- or already available coolant facility
-Coolant can drop off, due to the slope-set saw blade magazines
-High surface quality and short grinding times
-Fully automatic operation with different saw blades and variable teeth data
-Two magazines with 180 mm saw blade stack height
-Third magazine with 180 mm stack height
-Grinding of Vario tooth and special tooth forms
-Free programmable tooth form parameters

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